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SERU Has a Singular Focus: Specialing On Your Needs
Just like hiring a professional photographer for a wedding, working with a speakers bureau lends you peace of mind that the results will be top notch, and that the event will go off without a hitch. There are hundreds of details that coordinators need to consider for an event, and the last thing you should have to worry about is the quality of your keynote speaker.
SERU Handles the Details, Saving You Time and Energy.
Of course, there’s a sense of satisfaction that comes with a “Do it Yourself” project, but none more so than painlessly executing a blowout event and hearing glowing feedback from enthusiastic attendees. For many event planners, it’s simply easier and more effective to partner with a speakers bureau, confident in the knowledge that they will always deliver the best speaker possible.
SERU Finds the Right Speaker for You.
For anything to be growing we need to be moving forward.  The saying that we are only moving one of two ways is and always will be true.  The question now is not which way you are moving but how can we help accelerate that process and help you get there.  Getting the right speaker, and the right event together for you every single time is part of everything you work for all year long.  Trust us to do the job that brings the most impact and highest performance.
 Events Aren't Easy, but Thankfully 
Working With SERU Is
There is no obligation or cost for us to get started with some plans customized for you
Speakers Bureau: Keynote Speakers, Business Speakers and Motivational Speakers

The best keynote speakers, business speakers and leadership speakers inspire audiences for positive change. Celebrity speakers engage crowds of thousands and SERU has the best keynote speakers across the globe. SERU remains one of the top speakers bureaus by making our clients our number one priority. Decades of industry experience make us experts on the experts and ensure our top keynote speakers deliver Amazing results. 

Looking for more than a keynote speaker? Go beyond the keynote speaker with corporate education training, interactive workshops and custom-tailored consulting programs that create lasting change with radical results. BigSpeak’s professional development programs, led by corporate speaking experts, provide world-class training and business expert guidance from strategy to execution, ensuring positive transformational change.

What Topic Best Matches Your Event?
Mark Sanborn speaks and writes about issues of leadership relevant to today’s leaders and those who want to develop their own or their employees’ leadership potential. 
Tim Gard is motivational speaker who consistently inspires positive and lasting change with the use of humor as a skill at both work and home. 
Donovan Dock provides key principles, guiding you to unlock your inside potential and start living a life of sustained success.  Vision, passion and getting results are absolutes.
No stranger to overcoming adversity.  Rising from East L.A. to decorated Navy Seal, to a spinal cord injury that took his legs... Oz Sanchez will inspire you to know no limits
 Scott’s mission as a speaker and Chief Celebration Officer is to improve organization performance and productivity through the power of celebration
Ken Shmidt is a premium-fueled speaker, brand visionary & communications strategist.  One of the most in-demand speakers and communications consultants in America.
Plus Many More!  
Believe me, we have speakers that will stand and deliver within any budget
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