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Looking for the right speaker for your next meeting, conference or trade show? Who you choose can make or break the success of your event. Look to the experts at Speakers & Events-R-Us (SERU) to help you choose the perfect individual to meet your needs and delight your participants.

SERU has access to thousands of speakers, trainers, comedians and masters of ceremonies for you to choose. We take extreme pride in offering exceptional service to match your needs to a tee, all at no additional charge. Our creative and attentive professionals will listen, ask questions, make recommendations, and share all of the information you need to select a speaker who will make your event remarkable.

Motivational Speakers

Here at SERU we pride ourselves on the types of speakers we are able to bring to your setting and completely customize your experience to match them to the style of employees and environment you have. Our motivational speakers interact with their audience by using their body language, eye contact, and the pace of their voice to really connect with the audience and improve communication skills.

Leadership Speakers

Our leadership speakers include experts from world’s leading business authors, thought leaders, strategists, executives, and much more. We constantly have new leaders in all industries being brought into our bureau of speakers we’re able to offer to you, in order to speak to all relevant topics!

Sales & Marketing Speakers

Our sales & marketing speakers are carefully and strategically chosen from specific industries to make sure to relate to you and your audience. We tailor your speaker with your workforce and company culture to ensure the synergy there will be during the keynote and to make them memorable.

Team Building Speakers

Finding the right speaker for your event is important. We consult with you about your specific event, what the goals of this event are, what your workforce is like to target in what type of speakers we can provide for your event.


Lighten the mood and add some flair to your event. A speaker doesn’t always have to include a keynote presentation, but they should still be able to relate with your audience and bring an awesome time to your event!

SERU has professional speakers that will stand and deliver with any budget! Contact us now.

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Speakers Buearu
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