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How to Throw a Killer Holiday Party Your Employees Will Love

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How to Throw a Killer Holiday Party Your Employees Will Love

Let’s get creative. Who wants to go to the same old corporate Christmas party, sporting your best (awkward) ugly Christmas sweater, sipping on punch and engaging in forced polite conversation with coworkers and significant others? Not me. And not your employees. (And most likely not you either.)

Let’s change it up.

But how do you plan a party that your employees not only enjoy, but look forward to the next one?

Here are some key ideas:

  1.  Plan an event showing your employees that you value them.

This doesn’t always mean that you have to do an awards ceremony (but you could), or pass out thank you cards (although that would be nice), but rather thank them by hosting a party that is fun, exciting, gives them a chance to celebrate. Celebrate the holidays, celebrate life, celebrate working for such a great company, celebrate them. Plan something different. Having a party just for the employees shows them that you really value them, especially when thought is put into the party.

  1.  Think outside of the box.

Like mentioned above, to truly host a great party you may have to do something different, something new. But who has time to stop and really come up with a fresh new idea, and put it all together? You may want to consider soliciting some help, event companies, such as SERU, typically have connections to things that you would not have (or wouldn’t think of) and at better prices, which will save not only time for you but your bottom line.

  1.  Do something different.

An employee holiday party does not have to be crammed into the busy month of December, where everyone is already busy and booked. Consider hosting a Halloween themed party, or Thanksgiving party for your end of year event. Your employees and their schedules may really appreciate a party in October or November, and enjoy it even more.

  1.  Host a Casino Night Event

Now this is something that not only your employees but also you will enjoy. With SERU they handle all of the details so you won’t have to stress or take time from your other responsibilities to be sure it’s a great party. Right now SERU is introducing their newest product, which is the Holiday Casino Night. This can be tailored for a general holiday feel, Halloween, fall themed, winter themed, Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years. You decide. And for a limited time, since we are already in the holiday spirit, you will receive a special introductory price. Just be sure to book your party soon as dates are filling up quickly.

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