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How to Hire a Motivational Speaker: Top 7 Characteristics that will Motivate Your Team

How to Hire a Motivational Speaker-


You have a budget. You’ve been tasked with hiring the motivational speaker for your annual staff convention. You’ve done this before, so it’s not new to you, but you want to really make this event meaningful to the employees, something that they will take with them, something that will inspire, will motivate, will bring life and creativity: an event where they will leave a better version of themselves. And in turn, will create satisfied employees, better results and more productivity.

Over the years of doing this, I have seen some key attributes in a professional speaker that will get your team moving.

Here are the top 7 characteristics of a speaker that will motivate your team:


  1. Connecting with the audience through a personal story

Does the speaker just tell stories or does he tell life impacting personal stories? It makes a difference when someone is speaking from personal experience, versus borrowed or made up experiences. Your team will connect with a professional speaker on a personal level and not just a professional level if they are versed in the art of personal story telling and audience connection. This connection will not only keep your team engaged, but also can stir change or growth in those listening.

  1. Inspiring change through transparency

Along the same thread as personal story telling, it is important for the speaker to be transparent…or real! If your team feels like the person who is speaking is being genuine and honest about how they overcame obstacles or obtained success, they are more likely to connect to his or her life experiences and apply those principles to their own life.

  1. Clear action steps

While a motivational speaker should be able to capture the audience through personal stores and through transparency, they should also have a clear reason or path in their presentation. If the purpose of the presentation is encouragement, then the professional speaker should have the craft to make them feel encouraged; if the purpose is to spur change or encourage productivity, then through his or her presentation they should feel motivated in those areas. It’s important that your speaker has perfected the craft in this area, or it will just be a nice speech that may have no purpose.

  1. Appreciation of the audience

Now I am not saying a great motivational speaker should merely just thank or show appreciate those they are speaking to, but rather, they really seek to understand and appreciate them. Appreciate who they are, where they are coming from, and what their jobs are. A great motivational speaker should start with this when developing their speech. The speech should be so much more about the audience and connection to them. It should be about them and motivating them, not about just a speaker who can deliver a speech, but rather connect, motivate and truly speak to the audience, understanding and knowing them.

  1. Confident Speaker

A speaker projects who they are. Look for a speaker who is able to be confident when they speak, they are not timid to speak, and they are clear and concise.

  1. Fresh

A good motivation speaker should be fresh, new, inspiring…not the same old thing we have all hear.

  1. Changes the Atmosphere

Wow. This is a big one. A truly gifted motivational speaker is able to change the atmosphere in the room, and in each individual who is listening. This is something that may be hard to explain, but when someone is able to do that you can just feel it. The room feels different. The people feel different. Confidence levels rise. Dreams become renewed or birthed. Encouragement is spread.


If you are patient to find the right motivational speaker for your group, your team will remember this event for years to come because they will feel valued and motivated.


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