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How About a Casino Night Fundraiser


Make Your next fundraiser a Casino Night Fundraiser with Speakers and Events R Us

“We try to use the casino as a way to get people into the fundraising event so that the organization can get maximum profits,” said Jessica Benedict, Owner of Speakers and Events R Us. “We help try and push a lot of fundraising aspects that organizations are going to include such as a silent auction or 50/50 raffle.”

casino night

Step outside the box at your next fundraiser with a Speakers and Events R Us Casino Night Fundraiser. Transform your school gym, banquet hall, or restaurant into a hip gathering with a Vegas vibe complete with Craps, Roulette, Blackjack and poker tables, dealers who love to entertain and plenty of ways for your organization to meet its fundraising goals.

Speakers and Events R Us Casino Parties prides itself on organizing and accomplishing first class casino themed parties.  We promise to provide the following:

        • High quality casino tables & equipment.
        • A casino party planning specialist to help you plan your event and answer ALL of your questions.
        • A professional staff of casino dealers/entertainers to teach your guests casino games and basic strategies.
        • A smooth and efficient transition between the conclusion of casino gaming and the distribution of your prizes.

      casino night

President Jessica Benedict said her company helps event organizers plan the gaming aspect of the casino night from start to finish and that SERU can help organizers throw two types of fundraising events. One type of party allows guests to buy chips and cash out with real money, which makes money raised through the casino games the primary source of fundraising dollars; while the other uses the casino as a source of entertainment with money raised through other avenues, such as live and silent auctions, event tickets or raffles.

While SERU can help fundraisers plan a charitable gaming event, most of their parties center around the casino being a source of entertainment rather than the sole fundraising modality. This makes for a more relaxed atmosphere and gives an organization more diverse options regarding how they raise money throughout the night.

No matter what type of fundraiser an organization decides to host, adding a Vegas-style game night to event is sure to draw and keep a crowd and is a great way to change and spice up the typical fundraiser. Start the gambling at the beginning of the night or treat it like an after party once the dinner and auctions are over. Either way, the three to four hours of gaming will keep guests entertained and ensures it’s a fundraiser they’ll always remember.

We would love to give you a free consultation and answer any and every question you might have about a casino night private party or fundraiser. Just set an appointment here:

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