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9 Must Haves for a Casino Night Fundraiser

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9 Must Haves for a Casino Night Fundraiser

Casino Night Fundraisers are a fun way to mix up the traditional fundraising event. Not only will your guests have fun, but you will have fun planning it and it’s a great way to attract new donors and new funds for your cause. I’ve put together a list of essentials to pull off a great casino night fundraiser…there are a lot of details and hopefully this will get you started in the right direction. Remember, don’t get overwhelmed…we can help with many of these items to be sure your event is successful.


  1. Entertainment

Whether you want live entertainment or a dj, hiring quality entertainment is key to help the night go smoothly and encourage good vibes. When people are happy and having fun, they will stay longer, socialize and continue to play, as well as they will look forward to your casino night fundraising event for years to come.

  1. Food

Whether you choose to have a sit down dinner or serve h’dourves depends on the flow of your evening. Either way ensuring that the food is quality and at the correct temperature is important. You may choose to do it yourself or hire a catering company…if you decide to go the route of hiring a caterer, check out my blog on 5 Secrets to Finding the Right Catering Services

  1. Speaker

You may want to hire a motivational speaker to really share the vision of your cause. Those attending should walk away knowing what they are supporting, and have a new passion for it. This may be something that can be communicated in other ways (through print material, video or through a staff or board member), but check out my blog on what to look for in a motivational speaker if you decide to hire a speaker (we can also help you find the right speaker through our long list of speakers in our speakers bureau).

  1. Sponsors

This is a great way to raise money for your cause, and to underwrite the actual cost of the casino night fundraiser. Doing so will ensure that all ticket sales and funds raised during the evening will go directly to your cause. Sponsorships can be very beneficial for those that give, in that you can recognize them through social media, mail-outs and on volunteer t-shirts, signage and on specific tables. And sponsors can be solicited months in advance as well as up until the day of the event.

  1. Ticket Sales

Tickets sales are important to bring in money for your cause. If sponsorships did not cover the cost of the event, you should aim to cover the cost through ticket sales (I would say that 50% of the cost of the ticket should cover the cost of food and entertainment with the other 50% should be pure donation).

  1. Tables and Dealers

Now these are of course essential for a successful casino night fundraiser, as this is the main activity during the event. This is our specialty, as we have Las Vegas quality tables and dealers…the best in the business. We would love to talk details with you about this, please call us or set up a free 15 minute planning session here.

  1. Volunteers

Get your team together and communicate, communicate, communicate. As with all fundraisers, pulling together a committee and sub committees will be key in not only ensuring everything is planned and executed well, but also forming these committees will engage new people and new influences for your cause as well as split the work load.

  1. Auction

Having a live and/or silent auction will add to the atmosphere of the event and can be a very large fundraiser for your event. Set up a committee to secure donations that will appear to your casino night fundraiser attendees and determine if you want to do a live or silent auction, or both.

  1. Prizes

One way to ensure that your guests continue to play throughout the evening (and you continue to raise funds) is to have some really good prizes for those that win (you can set it up similar to a raffle, where those that win games can take those ‘winnings’ to trade them in for raffle tickets for the amazing prizes that you secure). You should promote your prizes to increase your ticket sales as well.

  1. Marketing (BONUS)

Spead the word through as many avenues as possible. Getting quality print material as well as graphics to use online will make it easy for your team to invite their contacts and connections to the event. Proper marketing tools will make the invitation process easy for your team.


Check out my blog on 5 Ways to Bring in More Funding Through a Casino Night Fundraiser. Get your team together and start tackling this list, and as always we are here for you to talk through any questions you may have!

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