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5 Ways to Bring in More Funding Through a Casino Night Fundraiser

Casino Night Fundraiser

When it comes to fundraising events, donors and attendees easily get bored when one event looks like the next. Make your nonprofit stand out by doing something different: a casino night fundraiser.  It’s important to make the event stand out from other events, so that donors and attendees WANT to come and look forward to the fundraiser. If attendees are excited about being there, they will be more likely to invite people and to be more generous in their donations.

Here are the top 5 ways a casino night fundraiser will bring in funding and donors for your charity:

There are several ways to raise funds before, during and after the casino night event. Follow these tips to ensure your succes

  1.  Sponsors

Before the event you should focus on soliciting corporate and individual sponsors for each of the tables. This is a key way to underwrite the event, to ensure that all other income goes directly to the cause. As you promote your event, it’s important to highlight your sponsors. This not only is a way to thank them, but it also lends credibility to your event and your nonprofit. It will be easier to solicit additional sponsors when you show who has already supported you. And make it fun! Here are some examples of fun sponsorship level names: Jackpot Sponsor, High Roller Sponsor, Double Down Sponsor, Straight Flush Sponsor, Ace Sponsor.

  2.  Ticket Sales

Another way to raise funds is through ticket sales. Challenge your board, staff and volunteers to each sell a specific number of tickets. Give a prize to the person who sells the most tickets. Although actual money will not be gambled during the Casino Night, through sponsors and donors you can provide some amazing prizes for winners. Make sure your event promotions show the prizes that can be won.

  3.  Funny Money Purchase

With each ticket, comes a specific amount of funny money to be used to play the games of their choice. But, as the night goes on and competition gets going, attendees have the option of purchasing additional funny money so that your guests can continue to play and compete to win one of the many great prizes. This is a great way to bring in additional funding for your nonprofit.

  4.  Silent Auction

This can be a fun way to add an additional element to the casino night atmosphere. Whether you want to run the silent auction yourself or hire a company to do so, this is an additional income source for your cause. If you choose to run the silent auction yourself, you can utilize your team to as for in-kind donations for the items to be auctioned.

  5.  Donations

Attendees know that they are at a fundraiser, so they come knowing that the expectation is to raise money for your nonprofit. Ask for individual donations before the end of the evening. This should include one-time donations, faith promises (will donation within 90 days), and monthly commitments. The most important types of donations of these three, are the monthly commitments, so be sure to focus on that in your ask (you ask can be through promotional material, in person through hosts, and/or over the mic).

Your Casino Night Fundraiser will be a fresh, new, fun way to bring funding and light to your nonprofit.

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